Your arrival at the lab

When you arrive at the sleep center, you will be asked prior to your sleep study to complete a questionnaire on your daytime activity. Then, you will be asked to change into your sleeping clothes, and the technician will provide additional information about the sleep study or specific disorders. The Tech will also address what you should expect during the sleep test to ease any anxieties or fears that you may have.

While the Tech is providing additional information, he or she will connect you to the electrodes that will monitor you throughout the night. The electrodes are placed in specific areas and applied with water-soluble glue and tape. The electrodes record brain waves, muscle movement, rapid eye movement (REM), and limb movement. A nasal cannula monitors airflow, a microphone records snoring, and two belt-like straps around the chest and lower abdomen monitor muscle movement during breathing.

Hours & Location

Office Hours:
9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)

Sleep Study Hours:
By Appointment Only

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