Will my sleep study be covered by my insurance?

Health Insurance covers and pays for sleep testing and treatment costs for sleep disorders. As with all insurance and medical costs there may be a deductible and/or a patient portion and/or a co-pay. Maimonides and/or Dr Barry Krakow is a contracted provider with most health insurance plans, however we are not a network provider with Cigna/Lovelace at this time.

Can I get up to use the restroom?

Yes. The technician will explain how you will be able to get up during the night -- or, you may call the technician to assist you at the time.

If I usually take over-the-counter or prescription drugs before bedtime, would I still do so before

Yes. We want to monitor you under usual circumstances. The only exception is when you have been advised by Dr. Krakow to stop taking a certain medication before the sleep study.

Will I be shaved where electrodes are placed?

Shaving is unnecessary on the scalp. However, shaving may be necessary on the chest and legs if heavy body hair is present. Shaving a small area where the electrode is placed assures a good reading and less discomfort (from pulling hair) when the electrode is removed.

Will I be given any shots, injections, or medications during my evaluation?

No. The only devices used during a sleep study are special sensors that are placed on the surface of your skin using tape or a water-soluble adhesive.

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