Unfortunately, we have not found a buyer for the sleep center. Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences will conduct its last daytime and nighttime operations on Tuesday, November 26th. However, depending on urgent conditions, we may be able to offer night time sleep testing December 4th, 5th, 6th.

If you need an urgent sleep study, contact us as soon as possible at 505-998-7208.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, November 26th: last day to make requests for medication prescriptions or PAP supplies; these prescriptions will all be completed no later than December 2nd and most will be sooner.

Monday, December 16th: last day to make a fee-free medical records request; after this date, medical records will require a $15 fee if emailed and $30 fee for mailed hard copies. We are obligated to retain medical records for 10 years, and we will retain the records on a secure HIPPA compliant server. To request copies of your medical records please call 505-998-7213.


How do I get my PAP supplies moving forward?

We will continue to write prescriptions until November 26th, 2019. We will be offering blank prescriptions for our patients’ Primary Care Physicians (PCP) to complete after November 26th, 2019 to give patients time to establish with another facility and/or sleep doctor.  Download Blank Prescriptions

How do I get my prescriptions for my medications?

We will continue to write prescriptions up until November 26th, 2019. We will be offering prescriptions listing the medications (Leg jerk, and/or nasal sprays) to go to patient’s PCP so the PCP can write the prescriptions moving forward.

Who is going to continue to prescribe my Oxygen?

As insurance rules are changing, we would recommend discussing with your PCP or if you are seeing a pulmonologist or cardiologist discussing it with them. We may be able to continue to write for Oxygen pending certain circumstances by arranging a clinic with Dr. Krakow; however, this step would only guarantee Oxygen for 1 year.

Where can I get my yearly follow up for insurance?

You will either need to find a new sleep doctor or ask your PCP as it is now becoming more common for you to conduct your yearly follow up with your PCP for insurance purposes. Download Blank Prescriptions

Will my primary doctors know about this change?

During the coming weeks we will be informing as many referring doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants that we are able to contact.

Will you be referring me to another sleep center?

We can provide you with a list of other sleep centers, but we will not be referring you to other centers.

How will I know what sleep center to go to?

This change may depend on your insurance; we would recommend you call your insurance carrier and discuss who is in network for your plan. A few of the sleep centers we are aware of are as follows:

  • Presbyterian Sleep Center
  • UNM Sleep enter
  • OMNI Sleep Center
  • CHRISTUS St. Vincent
  • VA
  • Rio Rancho Sleep Center
  • Lovelace
  • Santa Fe Sleep Center
  • Los Lunas Sleep Center
  • Los Alamos Sleep Center

How can I get copies of my medical records?

To get email or fax copies of your medical records by November 26th, 2019 please call 505-998-7213 and leave a voicemail with your contact information. You will need to get medical records prior to December 16th, 2019 to avoid additional charges.

How quickly can I be set up on a PAP device once I get my sleep studies done?

We will move forward with prescriptions for PAP set-ups as expediently as possible. Unfortunately, there are numerous steps regarding insurance policies and related administrative action in this pathway that lead to snafus and other barriers. As one step to move things faster, we will now send out NEW setup scripts the next day after your titration sleep study (if applicable).

If my doctor gave me a referral but not clinic notes, will my insurance accept this?

In most cases, no. Due to recent changes most insurance are requiring that the patient has physician signed and dated clinic notes STATING THE NEED FOR A SLEEP EVALUATION in addition to the referral, this will help expedite scheduling.

What does the clinic note from my doctor need to state?

For insurance purposes the clinic note must be from a sit down, in person clinic. It must state something along the lines of “referral for sleep evaluation and testing”, “Refer to Maimonides to R/O suspected OSA” “referred for sleep study” and must be signed and dated by the physician.

Will I be able to take the results from my sleep studies and go to another facility?

Of course. We will provide any medical records needed, but please note different sleep centers have different policies and may choose to recommend further testing at their sites.

If I am an existing patient and my device is over 5 years old can I get a new device before November 26th, 2019?

Unfortunately, insurance will not allow for you to get a new device just because it is over 5 years old. The device must stop working or start malfunctioning in order for the insurance to repair or replace the device.

What If my device stops working or starts malfunctioning but Maimonides is closed?

You may see your PCP in a sit down clinic that will state “Patient’s current device is broken/malfunctioning- needs repair/replace on device.” The clinic note must be signed and dated by the physician and will then go to your DME company. You may also want to establish yourself with a new sleep doctor if necessary if you have not done so already.

What do I do if I have still not received my sleep study results?

Please call 505-998-7212 and leave a detailed message with your contact information and date of the sleep study results you are looking to discuss. We understand it is important for you to get results, but please be patient. We will call you as soon as possible.