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Corporate Productivity

In today's competitive markets, both employers and employees always benefit from higher levels of productivity. Technology has been a consistent and reliable source of improvement. Employee training, cross training and executive advancement have given many companies an edge over their competitors. But what about employee health?

All employers know they are adversely impacted by employees whose productivity is  compromised  by poor health. And while there are many programs in place to address employee health, how often have you heard that repairing the sleep of your employees could be a significant productivity enhancement?

Dr. Krakow's book is the first step you can take to understand the complexity of these issues. With an understanding of sleep quality verses sleep quantity, you will have a new perspective on what is at stake, and how you can capitalize on improving employee productivity by increasing alertness, reducing errors, and generally maximizing employee health.

Dr. Krakow and Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences can be your partner in companywide improvement of sleep health. Contact us for more details.