Professional Services

Referrals from Medical Professionals

Patient Scenarios. These services are usually requested by sleep patients outside of New Mexico, who are requesting additional treatment advice from Dr. Krakow through an on-site consultation. As we specialize in helping insomnia patients and mental health patients with unresolved sleep complaints, these are the most common types of patients who seek to contact us for additional care. The patients are usually schedule about a month out from first contact, and we usually schedule them to spend at least 2 to 3 days here to include at least 2 nights of polysomnography and 1 to 2 clinic appts with Dr. Krakow.

  1. We do not find that insurance coverage usually covers these costs, but some patients do have out-of-state coverage for second opinions or expert consultations, so we are willing to work with these patients. However, in our experience most of these patients pay largely out of pocket for their encounters. In general, their fees would be similar to what typical patients pay here at our sleep medical center, which may be more or less than what they would pay at their local facilities.