PAP-NAP Reference Guide (Packet Download)

If you have already purchased the PAP NAP Packet, please download the file(s) HERE


This 32 page guide provides detailed information about the daytime PAP therapy desensitization procedure we call the PAP-NAP. It includes:papnap-web

  • PAP-NAP Procedure Flowchart
  • Patient Instructions Sheet
  • Mental Imagery Selective Survey
  • Nose-30
  • Pre-Sleep Interview
  • Mask Desensitization
  • Pressure Desensitization
  • PAP-NAP “Titration” Protocol
  • Post PAP-NAP Questionnaire
  • PAP-NAP Scoring
  • PAP-NAP Report Template
  • Sample Reports
  • PAP-NAP Billing

*The PAP NAP download includes 2 file types:

  1. page white acrobat PDF version for clinical use
  2. page white word DOC version to modify and customize to your office