Professional Services

Professional Consultations

Patient Scenarios. These services are usually requested by sleep patients outside of New Mexico, who are requesting additional treatment advice from Dr. Krakow. As we specialize in helping insomnia patients and mental health patients with unresolved sleep complaints, these are the most common types of patients who seek to contact us for additional care.

In some cases, the patient will want to speak with Dr. Krakow directly, other times only Dr. Krakow and the provider need to speak, and still other patients wish to hold a three-way conference call. Prior to the call, we have the patient complete our standard intake packet and extended packet of questionnaires, which conserves the amount of time needed for the formal part of the consultation, because it gives Dr. Krakow a chance to review the sleep history in advance. The referring physician may also wish to send pertinent notes as well.

Billing. Most of these encounters are not covered through insurance, and the sleep patient pays our sleep center directly through credit cards. Most calls last 30 to 60 minutes. Occasionally, a patient will request additional follow-up phone consultations.

Please call 505-998-7206 for rates.