Insomnia Cures


This short work of only 100 pages combines sleep hygiene and cognitive-behavioral therapy into a rapid fire treatment manual for insomniacs. We use it with all our insomnia patients before they even set foot in our sleep center. What we've learned is that most insomnia patients truly want to learn about sleep hygiene and CBT, but for some reason, the material has never been delivered to them properly. We are constantly complimented on how easily the book reads and how it motivates patients to make simple behavioral changes in their lifestyle. The single biggest corrective that follows from reading Insomnia Cures is the capacity to eliminate time monitoring behavior that fuels insomnia.

The book has been so successful, we now market it in bulk with extremely discounted prices. It works very well in the sleep center environment for those specialists who do not have a lot of time to spend with their insomnia patients. Some of these facilities resell the books while others have found the benefits so great in terms of time-savings, they provide the books to their insomnia patients at no cost.