Onsite Training

Onsite Training for Medical Professionals

Training Sessions. Training is conducted in numerous ways to fit the needs of the sleep medical professional requesting instruction as well as to fit the circumstances and logistics of their treatment facilities. Most trainings are conducted over a 1 to 2 day time period. Longer sessions can be arranged for instruction to a larger staff or an institutional environment with multiple key components.

Contents. The training is hands-on by Dr. Krakow and takes various forms. For example:

  • At a recent training at a medical school in New York City (Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein School of Medicine), the program consisted of two elements: a grand rounds presentation to the faculty on sleep disorders in psychiatric patients, and then an afternoon workshop, training residents and psychologists in the use of cognitive-imagery techniques for the treatment of chronic nightmares.
  • In a previous training in Guelph, Canada (Homewood Health Center) a 3 day program was designed to provide hands-on training of evidence-based techniques for insomnia, nightmares, and sleep-disordered breathing. Included in the program were 2 half-days of group treatment sessions for 15 PTSD patients. The sessions were videotaped for use by the staff at a subsequent time. Multiple in-services, lectures, and meetings were conducted with active and community-based staff to develop plans to integrate sleep medicine treatments into this residential psychiatric facility.

Billing. Fees are billed at a daily rate, plus travel, meals, lodging, and transportation expenses for Dr. Krakow. Discounts are provided for any training scheduled for more than 2 days. Non-profit facilities may be eligible for other discounts. For rates, please call Jessica Krakow at (505) 998-7206.