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Sound Sleep, Sound Mind with Dr. Barry Krakow

Dr. Barry Krakow is a board certified internist and sleep disorders specialist who has spent over 30 years in medicine in the fields of internal, emergency, addiction and sleep medicine. He has conducted more than two decades of research in the treatment of chronic nightmares and disturbing dreams at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine (1988-1999) and the Sleep & Human Health Institute (2000-current).

Dr. Krakow graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He was residency trained and board certified in internal medicine and also has ten years of clinical work in emergency medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society and is the former medical director of University Hospital Sleep Disorders Center.

Dr. Krakow has published two books, Insomnia Cures and his most recent, Sound Sleep, Sound Mind, is the first book of its kind to focus on mental, emotional and physical causes to sleep disturbances. Dr. Krakow and his wife, Jessica Kohr-Krakow have also published Turning Nightmares into Dreams, an innovated self-help, audio series and workbook to eliminate bad dreams.

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by Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh of KPBS

When Do Nightmares Become A Sleep Disorder?

One in 20 adults in the US complain of disturbing dreams, and more than twice that many children and adolescents also experience frequent nightmares, yet few chronic nightmare sufferers imagine that it is a treatable problem. We'll talk about nightmares with leading sleep disorder specialist Dr. Barry Krakow.


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Home and Family Finance Radio Dr. Barry Krakow discusses "Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night," which highlights the links between mental health and sleep disorders.



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newstalk.pngListen to Dr. Krakow discuss the health risks associated with common sleep disorders.