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News 13 New Mexico

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Nightmares and Insomnia are a key reason people feel tired during the day. Dr. Krakow discusses treatment for UARS and other sleep disorders.

Channel 7 News - Albuquerque

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Many people are plagued with nightmares due to PTSD. Dr. Krakow discusses "re-scripting" the nightmare by using Image Rehearsal Therapy.

Dr. Krakow on CBS with Paula Zahn

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Dr. Krakow discusses chronic nightmares and his book, "Conquering Bad Dreams and Nightmares."

Dr. Krakow on ABC 20-20

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Chronic Nightmares take a serious toll for many people. Dr. Krakow discusses his techniques and his nightmare treatment book to overcome nightmares.

Dr. Krakow on the CBS Early Show

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5% - 8% of Adults suffer from nightmares and disturbing dreams. What are nightmares and how do we overcome them? Dr. Barry Krakow discusses nightmare treatment