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Training and Education for Sleep Professionals

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Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences provides a variety of training and educational services. 

PAP-NAP Training and Education: 

PAP-NAP Reference Guide (Packet Download)

This 32 page guide provides detailed information about the daytime PAP therapy desensitization procedure we call the PAP-NAP.  More Info...

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Training to Implement the PAP-NAP
(Online Training - CME/CSTE Offered)

Available 24/7

for Sleep Technologists/Technicians, Lab Managers, & Sleep Specialists

Through our innovative daytime procedure, the PAP-NAP, patients with insomnia, anxiety and other mental and physical factors can be motivated to become compliant PAP users. More Info...

Live Workshop : Cognitive-Behavioral Training to Implement the PAP NAP

Through our innovative daytime procedure, the PAP-NAP, patients with insomnia or anxiety can be motivated to become regular PAP therapy users. In this program, you will first learn about logistical factors to implement the PAP-NAP procedure. More Info...


PTSD Sleep Clinic and IRT

Introduction to PTSD Sleep Clinic & Imagery Rehearsal Therapy

The main program addresses the emerging model of the PTSD Sleep Clinic and provides the fundamentals of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy. Main Programs are lecture format or workshops and include ample opportunities for Q & A. Dr. Krakow frequently queries his audience to challenge participants' perspectives about how they understand and treat sleep problems. More Info...

Onsite Training

Training is conducted in numerous ways to fit the needs of the sleep medical professional requesting instruction as well as to fit the circumstances and logistics of their treatment facilities. Most trainings are conducted over a 1 to 2 day time period. Longer sessions can be arranged for instruction to a larger staff or an institutional environment with multiple key components. More Info...

Sleep Medicine Professionals' Resource Area

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Welcome to your Sleep Dynamic Therapy resource site. There are five main tools we can provide to you and your sleep patients:

  • Books that describe SDT therapeutic principles that will facilitate management of your patients and enhance treatment results.
  • Direct consultation services to you, the provider, to facilitate your application of specific SDT techniques for specific patient needs.
  • Referral of your sleep patients to our center in New Mexico to augment your treatment efforts, and if desired and needed, we will continue a collaborative treatment program with you when the patient returns home.
  • VIP Services We see patients who seek more personalized care, for example a one on one experience in the sleep lab, more direct contact time with Dr. Krakow, and more post-visit follow-up with our center and Dr. Krakow. These services are much more expensive, and the individuals who seek this type of care rarely rely on insurance coverage.
  • Intensive on-site training in specific SDT approaches conducted at your facility in the form of workshops, in-services, lectures and direct patient demonstrations.

To learn more about each resource, simply sign in at our site for Sleep Medicine Professionals. There are no fees to sign up.

Books in Bulk for Professionals

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Do you have a clinic program for insomnia patients? Do you spend time describing the same sleep hygeine or cognitive behavioral therapies over and over to patients with sleep disorders?

Would you like to reduce the clinic time you currently devote to educating patients about these issues?

Dr. Krakow's books have been successfully used by sleep professionals, psychiatrists, primary care doctors and others as  invaluable clinic time-savers. They are also easy reads for their patients.

One physician has kindly provided a testimonial describing how he uses Insomnia Cures:

"Dr. Krakow's Insomnia Cures is an integral component of my management of psychophysiologic insomnia. As a busy sleep clinician, I do not have the luxury of being able to meet with my insomnia patients on a weekly basis for six weeks in order to implement cognitive behavioral strategies. After making the diagnosis of psychophysiologic insomnia, I explain the pathophysiology of this disorder to the patient and outline a treatment regimen. I provide the patient with a copy of Dr. Krakow's book and ask the patient pay for the book. I emphasize that this book prescription is more important than any hypnotic prescription they have ever received. I prefer Dr. Krakow's book to others on CBT because of its conciseness and the brevity of each chapter. Patients actually read it! The book reinforces what I have told the patient. When the patient returns to see me, I ask which recommendations were the most helpful and which were not helpful in order to facilitate further discussion about their problem. I encourage other sleep physicians to consider this approach. "

J. Brevard Haynes, M.D., Sleep Medicine of Middle Tennessee

Dr. Krakow has written three different sleep books, and each one serves a unique purpose. All these books are available for professionals at special bulk rates. Please contact Jessica Krakow at 505-998-7206 for a quote . To purchase a single edition, you may click here.

Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night

sound sleep sound mind by doctor barry krakow

This most recent book provides the most comprehensive description of the various components of SDT. Written for both patients and providers, it offers a clear basis for the use of a mind-body approach to sleep medical disorders, and it shows you how to use new tools to apply quite easily with your patients. If you work at a busy sleep center or even a primary care clinic, you will discover many strategies and techniques in this book that you can learn to apply during appointments less than 15 minutes in duration. Or, for your more motivated patients, you might want to direct them to purchase the book, and then you can guide them through the most appropriate sections to meet their needs. In general, whether we are talking about your patients or your own interests, the book works best for someone who wants to embrace a more comprehensive method for managing sleep disorders. Yet, it�s motivational and fluid writing style delivers the material in very digestible and usable portions.

Insomnia Cures

This short work of only 100 pages combines sleep hygiene and cognitive-behavioral therapy into a rapid fire treatment manual for insomniacs. We use it with all our insomnia patients before they even set foot in our sleep center. What we've learned is that most insomnia patients truly want to learn about sleep hygiene and CBT, but for some reason, the material has never been delivered to them properly. We are constantly complimented on how easily the book reads and how it motivates patients to make simple behavioral changes in their lifestyle. The single biggest corrective that follows from reading Insomnia Cures is the capacity to eliminate time monitoring behavior that fuels insomnia.

The book has been so successful, we now market it in bulk with extremely discounted prices. It works very well in the sleep center environment for those specialists who do not have a lot of time to spend with their insomnia patients. Some of these facilities resell the books while others have found the benefits so great in terms of time-savings, they provide the books to their insomnia patients at no cost.

Turning Nightmares into Dreams (TNID)

This very special work was written by Dr. Krakow and designed and edited by his wife, Jessica Kohr Krakow. It was originally designed as a definitive treatment manual for Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT), the innovative nightmare treatment technique formally developed and tested by Robert Kellner, Joseph Neidhardt, Barry Krakow and Michael Hollifield at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine from 1987 through 2000.

The product consists of 4 hours of audio instruction provided by Dr. Krakow, accompanied by a pleasingly practical 100-page workbook. The program consists of 20 lessons, each one averaging about 10 minutes of audio and 5 pages of workbook. The workbook provides a series of steps, self-assessments, guides, recommendations and cautions on how to work to build your natural imagery system, and then how to apply that knowledge to use IRT to conquer disturbing dreams and nightmares.

The most common buyers of the audio/workbook program are highly motivated nightmare or trauma patients who are eager to use a drug-free method to treat their bad dreams or mental health professionals who want to learn IRT.

What we've learned since we published the program in 2002 is that many other types of patients benefit from the program because of the advanced teaching it provides on the human imagery system. Using the formula of thoughts, feelings, and images (TFI System) that Dr. Krakow emphasizes throughout the Sound Sleep book, TNID provides even more direct work on the TFI System, which proves especially useful to insomnia patients and mental health patients who often have trouble accessing their imagery system successfully.

Professional Consultations

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Patient Scenarios. These services are usually requested by sleep patients outside of New Mexico, who are requesting additional treatment advice from Dr. Krakow. As we specialize in helping insomnia patients and mental health patients with unresolved sleep complaints, these are the most common types of patients who seek to contact us for additional care.

In some cases, the patient will want to speak with Dr. Krakow directly, other times only Dr. Krakow and the provider need to speak, and still other patients wish to hold a three-way conference call. Prior to the call, we have the patient complete our standard intake packet and extended packet of questionnaires, which conserves the amount of time needed for the formal part of the consultation, because it gives Dr. Krakow a chance to review the sleep history in advance. The referring physician may also wish to send pertinent notes as well.

Billing. Most of these encounters are not covered through insurance, and the sleep patient pays our sleep center directly through credit cards. Most calls last 30 to 60 minutes. Occasionally, a patient will request additional follow-up phone consultations.

Please call for rates.

Referrals from Medical Professionals

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Patient Scenarios. These services are usually requested by sleep patients outside of New Mexico, who are requesting additional treatment advice from Dr. Krakow through an on-site consultation. As we specialize in helping insomnia patients and mental health patients with unresolved sleep complaints, these are the most common types of patients who seek to contact us for additional care. The patients are usually schedule about a month out from first contact, and we usually schedule them to spend at least 2 to 3 days here to include at least 2 nights of polysomnography and 1 to 2 clinic appts with Dr. Krakow.

Billing. We do not find that insurance coverage usually covers these costs, but some patients do have out-of-state coverage for second opinions or expert consultations, so we are willing to work with these patients. However, in our experience most of these patients pay largely out of pocket for their encounters. In general, their fees would be similar to what typical patients pay here at our sleep medical center, which may be more or less than what they would pay at their local facilities.