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Work and Impact in Sleep Medicine

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Barry Krakow, MD is a board certified internist and sleep disorders specialist, who has spent 25 years in medicine in the fields of internal medicine, emergency medicine, addiction medicine, and sleep medicine. Currently, he is medical director of two sleep facilities in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences, Ltd, a community-based, sleep medical center
  • Sleep & Human Health Institute, a non-profit sleep research institute

Perspectives on Sleep Cures

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In medicine, we usually confront two types of illness, one for which there are treatments and cures that fully resolve the condition and one for which no cures are available. In the latter, we spend our effort caring for the patient on a long-term basis to help them function as best they can with their chronic conditions.

This division is important, because it explains a great deal about how physicians choose their career paths in medicine. To oversimplify, many surgeons enjoy the "cut it and cure it" model, because they gain more satisfaction from seeing the patient over a shorter period of time and helping them to resolve an issue quickly, for example, cutting out

Dr. Krakow's Sleep

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Dr. Krakow is not only a strong advocate of Sleep Dynamic Therapy, he is an avid user of all the major steps. He routinely applies emotional processing techniques throughout the day to find closure at bedtime. As soon as his head hits the pillow, he uses imagery, which usually induces sleep within 5 to 15 minutes. Of course, Dr. Krakow never sleeps alone. He uses a RESMED ASV device with a Respironics Comfort Gel nasal mask.

Dr. Krakow C.V.

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December 2007

Barry James Krakow, MD