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Benefits of Normal Sleep

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Normal Sleep is a Great Way to Solve Your Personal Energy Crisis.

We've looked at what's normal and what's not normal from the perspective of energy.  So, now you want to ask yourself whether you think fixing your sleep problems would solve your personal energy problems.

Now ask yourself, "What rewards might be gained by vigorously treating your sleep problems?"

New Found Energy

New found energy

Can you imagine the distinct possibility of going through the day in an entirely new and more relaxed mode, because the energy you need is always there, always available, and always ready for use in your daily life?

For just a moment, can you picture:

  • waking up feeling refreshed and starting off the day with a full head of steam? 
  • how it would feel at mid-morning not to be yawning, needing coffee, or needing a break? 
  • the absence of a post-lunch energy dip? 
  • not needing to fight off fatigue or sleepiness during an uninspiring afternoon meeting? 
  • gaining enough energy after dinner to forego the couch or boob-tube and instead play with your kids, work on a hobby, or enjoy socializing with friends whenever you choose?
  • possessing all the vibrant energy you need to enjoy your jam-packed days until the end of each day, without having to push yourself the whole way there?
These rewards are just the physical ones.  What about the mental and emotional rewards?:
  • Can you imagine a clearer mind in the morning and for most of the day?
  • Can you imagine better concentration and a more reliable memory?
  • Would newfound energy help you cope with the stressors in your life?
  • Would daily frustrations and irritations be more easily overcome with abundant energy at your disposal?
  • With energy reserves to spare, would your temper be so quick?
  • Last, could you picture a life in which anxious and depressive feelings are more easily overcome because your energy level provides the necessary drive to do something about these disabling emotions?

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

When your sleep quality is restored, can you predict the impact on your daytime fatigue and sleepiness, your mental and physical health, and on the rest of your life?

Normal Sleep Uncensored

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Normal Sleep:  Something Every Troubled Sleeper Needs to Know About.

To determine whether or not you are a normal sleeper, you don't need to (and can't, except in a lab) measure your actual sleep.  Rather, you want to know how you actually feel and function in your daily life.  To simplify this process, you only need to focus on one concept:  Energy!

This is Not Normal

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In "Normal Sleep Uncensored," we started out with three questions, all of which deal with your perceptions of high or low energy during the day.  Your energy level is a reliable indicator of how well or how poorly you sleep.  These were the three questions:

  1. How refreshed or unrefreshed do you feel from your sleep upon awakening in the morning?
  2. Is your morning routine filled with get up and go?
  3. How much sleepiness, tiredness, and fatigue do you notice in the afternoon or evening?
Now, let's look at these questions from a reverse perspective, that is, what should you not feel like in the morning if you are in fact a normal sleeper?

This is Not Normal

This is not normal If sleep supposedly restores you each night, you should feel great in the morning, right?  Or, consider the reverse, if sleep supposedly restores you, would it make any sense to feel any or all of the following in the morning, or soon thereafter?

  • A desire to remain in bed longer
  • Needing to hit the snooze button several times before getting up
  • A desire to sleep more
  • Feeling like you didn't get enough sleep
  • Feelings of sleepiness, tiredness, or fatigue
  • Needing caffeine or other stimulants to start the day
  • Believing you are not a morning person
  • A cranky or irritable attitude
  • An inability to think clearly or concentrate on something
  • An overall uneasy, tense or otherwise unpleasant feeling about starting the day


So, what should you expect the "Benefits of Normal Sleep" to be?