Sleep Medicine Professionals' Resource Area

Welcome to your Sleep Dynamic Therapy resource site. There are five main tools we can provide to you and your sleep patients:

  • Books that describe SDT therapeutic principles that will facilitate management of your patients and enhance treatment results.
  • Direct consultation services to you, the provider, to facilitate your application of specific SDT techniques for specific patient needs.
  • Referral of your sleep patients to our center in New Mexico to augment your treatment efforts, and if desired and needed, we will continue a collaborative treatment program with you when the patient returns home.
  • VIP Services We see patients who seek more personalized care, for example a one on one experience in the sleep lab, more direct contact time with Dr. Krakow, and more post-visit follow-up with our center and Dr. Krakow. These services are much more expensive, and the individuals who seek this type of care rarely rely on insurance coverage.
  • Intensive on-site training in specific SDT approaches conducted at your facility in the form of workshops, in-services, lectures and direct patient demonstrations.

To learn more about each resource, simply sign in at our site for Sleep Medicine Professionals. There are no fees to sign up.