Sleep Dynamic Therapy

Sleep Quality Cure

Sleep Dynamic TherapyThe over-arching principle of Sleep Dynamic Therapy views the majority of sleep problems as sleep quality problems, fueled by a combination of mental and physical factors. These psychological and physiological components are clearly discernible to a trained and experienced sleep specialist. The specialist must be skilled at guiding the patient to gain the necessary awareness and insight to see and understand all the relevant components, which then leads to more treatment options and better treatment results.

Regrettably, like the current state of medical culture with its wide mind-body divide, the field of sleep medicine suffers from the division of medical specialties into physical and psychological spheres. That is, most sleep patients with obvious physical complaints are treated by internists, pulmonologists, and neurologists for physiological sleep disorders, and those with obvious mental complaints are treated by psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists for psychological sleep disorders. Since we have found that one unambiguosly informs the other, any treatment that fails to consider both is incomplete.

SDT views this division of labor as potentially harmful if not dangerous to sleep patients, because key components of their sleep problems may go undiagnosed and untreated. We favor a comprehensive, mental AND physical approach to treatment that enhances the patient's sleep quality and produces an optimal, long-term, therapeutic response.

For some patients, we can safely claim that it produces a genuine cure!