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Case Report: Polysomnography for Insomnia: Missing in Action

by Barry Krakow, MD  | Sleep Review Magazine

Assessing your use of insomnia standards and guidelines.

When Sarah, a 52-year-old, nonobese woman sought a second opinion for her severe insomnia, our sleep lab inquired about previous workups. Two sleep centers offered her sleep hygiene instructions, cognitive-behavioral therapy, prescription sedatives, and recommendations for OTC sleep aids including antihistamines and melatonin. She embraced all these strategies to the best of her ability, but 5 years later she had little to show for her efforts. The last piece of advice she received—"you're probably depressed and should start antidepressants"—sent her scrambling through the Internet where she found our Web site, and then traveled 600 miles to our sleep medical center in Albuquerque, NM. More...

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