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Take a Deep Breath

The Worst "Bad Breath" Imaginable, but you're probably sleeping right through it...

Is it clear now that poor sleep quality causes your sleep misery index to shoot through the roof? Now is the time to ponder the cause behind all this bad and broken sleep and the misery it fosters.

Sleep MiseryWe take a mind/body approach to this question, meaning that we consistently find both mental and physical causes to insomnia. The big question for most insomniacs now arises: “If it’s really a mind/body or mental/physical problem, what is the physical part?”

To answer that question, we move to our last survey, which runs through a series of short questions to determine whether you suffer from the single most common sleep disorder. This sleep condition is the one that causes the most sleep fragmentation, and the one, surprisingly enough, we have found occurs in the majority of chronic insomnia patients: Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB)!

Most insomnia patients seen at our clinics are surprised to hear that close to 80% of them will ultimately be diagnosed with sleep breathing problems. This statistic certainly raises a few eyebrows in many troubled sleepers (and other medical professionals), but we simply ask that you hold back that skepticism for a moment until you've completed our last, brief survey.

The Sleep Breathing Survey is a quick way to test your skepticism or curiosity. Of course, this survey is only an indicator of SDB. It doesn't replace the invaluable objective data that can be gathered at a sleep lab, and which is the only established way to diagnose a sleep breathing problem.

Take the Sleep Breathing Survey now; you know the drill: free, easy access, valuable feedback.

All right, I would never have guessed breathing. What should I do next?