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Connecting the Zzzots

The Ultimate Connection: Sleep and Daytime Function...

Connecting poor sleep quality and problems in your waking life (what we call "connecting the Zzzots"), is the next most important step to figuring out what's wrong with your sleep. For some people, these connections are more useful than assessing sleep quality, because waking problems are easier to spot than ones occurring while you sleep.Sleeptreatment Care

If you suffer drowsiness behind the wheel and steer yourself into a near-miss on the highway, it's a whole lot easier to recognize a problem that needs immediate attention. Are you going to pay more attention to a driving mishap or to feeling more tired after a nap?

Our Sleep Misery Index helps you connect the Zzzots by linking bad and broken sleep to an array of daytime problems or symptoms affecting your functioning, energy level, and mood. Making these connections often ramps up your motivation to initiate treatment steps.

Take the Sleep Misery Index; it's free, there's no registration and you'll receive valuable feedback in seconds.

Did you ever imagine there could be so many sleep connections to your daytime functioning ?

When you first see all these connections, you probably assumed there's no way sleep could make you feel or function so poorly. Everyone including your doctors have probably mentioned it must be "aging, depression, or some other medical condition."

The facts are that poor sleep quality ages you faster, sours your mood, and worsens many other medical conditions you might be suffering from.

I'll bet you'd like to know what causes these sleep problems. Surprisingly, there are not that many things that can destroy your sleep quality, and we really mean damage it and break it up into little pieces.

Any guesses as to what it might be for you?