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The Quality Factor

Many troubled sleepers think their biggest issue is too little sleep, usually caused by some type of "insomnia" that cuts off their sleep before getting the "right" number of hours. This is a sleep quantity perspective. But sleep quantity problems - or too few hours of sleep - are frequently caused by a fundamental "break" or "disruption" in the quality of your sleep.

Ready for Treatment

The fastest and most powerful way to begin a sleep treatment program is to shift your thinking to embrace an illuminating principle that will forever change the way you view your sleep:

Quality Drive Quantity

To understand this cornerstone of Sleep Dynamic Therapy, please try out our first assessment survey the Sleep Quality Index. When you embrace this new way of looking at sleep, you quickly see how the quality of your sleep is really what drives the quantity of the sleep you need (and not the other way around).

Take the Sleep Quality Index now; it's free, there's no registration, and you'll receive valuable feedback in seconds.

How'd you score? Medium to high range scores strongly suggest a sleep quality problem.

The big question now is, "How might poor sleep quality affect you?"

In a word, you'd be "amazed" at how much impact bad sleep has on your waking life. On the next page, you can measure this impact in less than a minute...