Sleep Professionals

Training and Education for Sleep Professionals

Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences provides a variety of training and educational services. 

PAP-NAP Training and Education: 

PAP-NAP Reference Guide (Packet Download)

This 32 page guide provides detailed information about the daytime PAP therapy desensitization procedure we call the PAP-NAP.  More Info...

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Training to Implement the PAP-NAP
(Online Training - CME/CSTE Offered)

Available 24/7

for Sleep Technologists/Technicians, Lab Managers, & Sleep Specialists

Through our innovative daytime procedure, the PAP-NAP, patients with insomnia, anxiety and other mental and physical factors can be motivated to become compliant PAP users. More Info...

Live Workshop : Cognitive-Behavioral Training to Implement the PAP NAP

Through our innovative daytime procedure, the PAP-NAP, patients with insomnia or anxiety can be motivated to become regular PAP therapy users. In this program, you will first learn about logistical factors to implement the PAP-NAP procedure. More Info...


PTSD Sleep Clinic and IRT

Introduction to PTSD Sleep Clinic & Imagery Rehearsal Therapy

The main program addresses the emerging model of the PTSD Sleep Clinic and provides the fundamentals of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy. Main Programs are lecture format or workshops and include ample opportunities for Q & A. Dr. Krakow frequently queries his audience to challenge participants' perspectives about how they understand and treat sleep problems. More Info...

Onsite Training

Training is conducted in numerous ways to fit the needs of the sleep medical professional requesting instruction as well as to fit the circumstances and logistics of their treatment facilities. Most trainings are conducted over a 1 to 2 day time period. Longer sessions can be arranged for instruction to a larger staff or an institutional environment with multiple key components. More Info...