Assess Your Sleep

Chronic Insomnia Assay

Chronic Insomnia Assay (CIA)

There are several definitions of insomnia, but the most widely used refer to difficulties you may have falling asleep or staying asleep.  Some sleep researchers and physicians refer to poor sleep quality as insomnia.  While that perspective may be valid, we prefer to keep the two terms separate.   Complete the Chronic Insomnia Assessment below and then read a quick analysis of your results.

Understand your score

Insomnia comprises many elements, the most important of which are unwanted or unplanned periods of sleeplessness, distress over this sleeplessness, and interference with your waking life.  Other signs of insomnia include the need for medication to assist you in sleeping; a perception that nothing is wrong with your sleep, you just want or need more of it; and, some concerns that the problem has no obvious solution. 

If you scored in the medium to high range for virtually any of these questions, chances are very high you suffer from a chronic insomnia problem.


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