Sleep Dynamic Therapy

Other SDT Resources

Several works are available on each of the components of SDT. Some components have whole books written about them, while for others you might find more interesting information by combing through the scientific literature. For now, here are some good starting points on a few of the SDT components:

Sleep Quality Paradigm

William Dement's The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night's Sleep

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Krakow B. Insomnia Cures: Sleep Hygiene Practice Makes Permanent

In book format or research articles, I've relied heavily on the works of Charles Morin, Jack Edinger, or Ken Lichstein. Even though some of their works are geared toward clinicians, they all write superbly, and most insomnia patients will gain much from these sleep psychologists.


Krakow B & Krakow J. Turning Nightmares Into Dreams. This audio series and workbook provides a complete self-help program on Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for the treatment of chronic nightmares. In addition, the book provides many tools on advanced uses of imagery.

We have written extensively on the use of imagery techniques in several treatment studies we've conducted as well as a few review articles and 1 chapter in a book. On Medline, click here and enter Krakow B. References 2, 8, 24-26, 32, 34, 37-39 all discuss our use of imagery for nightmares.


For emotion-focused therapy, I've relied heavily on Leslie Greenberg and his colleagues' work in Toronto. His books and research articles are incredibly well written, and I've found many patients who enjoy reading his work. At this site, you can find a complete list of his books:

I frequently refer to Emotion-Focused Therapy: Coaching Clients to Work Through Their Feelings, and many of my patients have found it an excellent resource.

Stanley Rachman wrote a seminal paper on "emotional processing" published in 1980 in the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy, which I highly recommend, available through Medline at this link

Sleep Disordered Breathing Assessment & Treatment

For SDB, works by Christian Guilleminault have been invaluable in understanding the diagnostic complexities of sleep breathing problems.

Keep in mind there are hundreds of other researchers who have made remarkable and worthy contributions to insomnia and SDB research, so those suggested are just good places to start, but there is so much more to explore.

General SDT References:

We have published two articles about assessment and treatment of trauma survivors in which we used the "full" SDT framework. Abstracts for these articles can be found on Medline at the following links:

  1. Sleep Dynamic Therapy for Cerro Grande Fire evacuees with posttraumatic stress symptoms: a preliminary report Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
  2. Nightmares, insomnia, and sleep-disordered breathing in fire evacuees seeking treatment for posttraumatic sleep disturbance. Journal of Traumatic Stress