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Dr. Barry Krakow has been named as the top Sleep Medicine Doctor in Albuquerque. 

Albuquerque the Magazine has released their 15th Annual TopDocs issue. 


Dr. Barry Krakow is one of the most well respect­ed and liked sleep doctors in the city for good reason. He’s extremely knowledgeable, and he makes sure he stays that way by keeping up on all of the newest technologies in this quickly evolving field. But he also helps patients deal with every sleep related issue they might have, from sleep apnea, to headaches, to nightmares. 

 Susan M. Smith, a longtime patient of Dr. Krakow’s says:

 "It was approximately 10 years ago that I had a consultation with Dr. Krakow. I was very nervous meeting with him. He sched­uled a sleep study for me and his staff helped me set it up. Since then, I have been to several additional sleep studies.


Dr. Krakow took the time to help me understand why I had problems sleeping at night and had sleep apnea. He also helped me learn why I had bad headaches every morning. It turns out that my oxygen was low at night and Dr. Krakow quickly put me on three liters of oxygen at night. He ordered a C-Pap machine and still helps me get new and updated C-Pap machines.


Dr. Krakow was instrumental in helping me deal with my con­stant nightmares. He provided films and books that include infor­mation to help with my condition. This alone has been a big help.


Also, I am very claustrophobic and had a lot of concerns about wearing a mask [the C-Pap machine]. But he was able to help me feel at ease. He helped me with my anxieties with some of these films he had me watch.


Dr. Krakow and his staff were always available to answer my questions and concerns. I was always treated well and in a profes­sional manner. When there was any new technology on C-Pap ma­chines I was always on their list to get new technology. I always felt that my wellbeing was Dr. Krakow's top concern. All these things have had a profound effect on my quality of life. I will always be so grateful to Dr. Krakow and his staff."



Been There, Done That

Been ThereIf you've already been to a sleep medical center or lab and had unsatisfactory service or results, you may be discouraged and wonder about  the usefulness of seeking further treatment.

Perhaps you were diagnosed with one or both of the most common disorders: insomnia and/or sleep-disordered breathing (SDB)--a huge proportion of sleep patients suffer from both conditions and often don't know it.  Regrettably, many sleep facilities fail to recognize and treat both conditions in large numbers of patients.

These are the two conditions that most frequently drive sleep patients for evaluations, yet because many sleep facilities tend to emphasize treatment for only one or the other condition, many sleep patients are not satisfied with their experiences or their results.

In the two links below, we talk about the need to aim for an optimal treatment response for both of these conditions.  By aiming high, it is much easier to actually pinpoint what might be wrong with your current treatment regimen.

So, if your predominant problem is SDB, click that link, or click on Insomnia if that's your biggest issue.  Don't be surprised, though, if you need to spend considerable time reviewing the perspectives and suggestions in both sections.  Remember, sleep problems are usually mind-body problems.  Addressing both the mental and the physical elements guarantees a much higher success rate. 

Help for Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Help for Insomnia